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O! Cuba

O! CUBA is the first restaurant in St. Petersburg, in which incorporates the maximum experience of Cuban traditions and way of life.  Those who have never been to Cuba can experience the hot Cuban spirit in this restaurant. The restaurant is divided into three uniquely decorated halls. In addition to the magnificent menu, the guests are also welcomed to try cocktails that resemble those one can find in Cuba. For example, a Cuban “Mojito” is different than many are accustomed to. The Cuban “Mojito”, is made up of ice, soda, fresh lemon juice, traditional mint, and white rum, providing guests to a unique and new mojito that is traditional to Cuba. On top of all this, all traditional Cuban rum cocktails are served in a coconut.

The prices for rum in O! Cuba is very reasonable. This is because the mission of the O! Cuba restaurant is to provide all its guests with an affordable way to enjoy all the cocktails of Cuba. The many varieties of rum cocktails are the widest selection in St. Petersburg. 

The O! Cuba restaurant is everyone’s personal island getaway from all stress and problems in life. Enjoy delicious cocktails, sing and dance to the fiery Cuban rhythms, chat with friends, and try to find a better place to relax. O! Cuba has it all, so come and have a great time.

Business hours:  Sunday through Tuesday: 11 am - 11 pm, Wed through Sat 11 am - 1 am Average check: 1000 RUB  Address: Rubinshteyna Str 36 (Ул Рубинштейна 36), Metro Dostoevskaya (метро Достоевская) Other: Kids menu, drawing tools. Cuisine: Spanish, Cuban

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