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Petrovskaya Aquatoria

Petrovskaya Aquatoria is a unique exhibition devoted to the history of St. Petersburg and the emergence of the Russian fleet.

The Peter Aquatoria is a huge layout of the 18th century St. Petersburg. One can admire the construction of the most important sights of St. Petersburg and its suburbs associated with maritime history of the city on a scale of 1:87. 

The exhibition gives the viewer the feeling that he or she is looking at St. Petersburg as it was from the time Peter the Great to Catherine the Great. Included in this great display of history are light, sound and visual effects, so the viewer can see the city in different weather conditions. You can push certain buttons to see different things happening. 

Vasilievsky Island is without its great columns, Menshikov manor can be seen instead of St. Petersburg State University, the first port of St. Petersburg, a masquerade ball at Peterhof, a very old fortress in Oranienbaum which no longer exists, as well as other places in modern day St. Petersburg which do not exist can be seen here.

Petrovskaya Aquatoria in numbers:

Scale: 1:87

Layout area 500 sq.m

More than 1000 buildings

305 meters of roads

1,000 vehicles with moving carriages

20 tons of water

More than 100 ships

25,000 characters

20,000 light-emitting diodes

Museum working hours: 10:00 to 22:00

Ticket office closes at 21:30

Address: St. Petersburg, Metro Admiralteiskaya, Malaya Morskaya Street, 4/1

TRK Admiral, right near the metro, 6th floor. 

Telephone: +7 (812) 933-41-52

Prices: Adults- 400 rubles; Saturday, Sunday and on holidays: 450 rubles


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