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Amber room Catherine Palace

The historical Amber Room is located in the Catherine Palace near St. Petersburg. The room was designed by Andreas Schluter and Gotfried Wolfram, during the reign of the tsars. The room was stolen by the Nazis during World War Two, and was recreated in 2003. The room that people see now in the Catherine Palace is not the original, but still, photography is not allowed in the room at all.

The Amber Room is famous for several reasons. The first being that it was once called the “8th wonder of the world”, before it was stolen. Secondly, the pure beauty and uniqueness of the Amber Room is plenty enough for people to come and see it. Third, the mystery of the Amber Room and where it is now keeps making people think about where it is and what happened to it exactly. It is known that the Nazi’s stole it and took it out of Russia. The theories of what happened next range from the total destruction of it by the Germans to the idea that it is buried somewhere in Germany.

The search for the Amber Room continues and the mystery of what happened to it will never die until it is found. The once magnificent sign of the Russian imperial nation is lost for now, but we yearn for the day it will be found.

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