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Yusupov Palace | St Petersburg attractions

In St. Petersburg there are several palaces and churches throughout the city, but one is of certain interest for many who come to St. Petersburg from around the world. The Yusupov Palace is located on the Moika river. A French architect Jean-Baptiste Vallin de la Mothe built the famous palace in the late 1700’s. For over 100 years, the palace belonged to the Yusopov family, a family in which was extremely wealthy during tsarist Russia. The palace inside is beautiful with vast, spacious rooms, and also is a museum to the murder of Rasputin. The basement of the museum has several small exhibits to the murdered monk who was so influential to the family of Tsar Nicholas II’s family.

The Yusopov palace was confiscated after the bolshevkov revolution and then was converted into a museum for the historical events that surround the murder and mystery of Rasputin. There are also priceless paintings and other works of art in the palace. It is a great place to go to for a tour and to see a great historical place in the city of St. Petersburg. 

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