Biggest Skating Rink to Open in January
Thursday, 02 January 2014 18:51

Biggest ice rink

Biggest Skating Rink to Open in January 

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The biggest skating rink in St. Petersburg is to open in January. The rink is set to open in Udelniy Park with over 7,000 square meters in size. The rink will be lighted and those who come will be able to skate to music.

The largest ice rink in the city will be at the stadium "Olympic Hopes" (Russian: "Олимпийские Надежды"), presumably on January 5th - January 9th. To create the rink, there will be used artificial ice. 

The rink was planned to open in December, but due to the abnormally warm weather, the opening did not take place. Therefore, the date of filling the rink may change again.

It is assumed that the largest outdoor ice rink in the city will be open to the public until March 30.

Admission fees:

Adults - 200 rubles;

Students - 100 rubles;

The cost of skate rental - 150 rubles per hour.

Time Spent on the rink is not limited.

Hours: weekends from 13:00 to 21:00

Location: Akkuratova Str. 7A


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