Exhibition: Van Gogh Alive
Friday, 09 May 2014 22:22

Van Gogh Alive

Exhibition Van Gogh Alive 

On Konyushennaya Square, there began a pavilion project called "Van Gogh Revived Projects, or (Van Gogh Alive). The exhibition will open on May 28. In conjunction with the exhibition on Konyushennaya Square, from May 8 until October 1, is a restricted area. 

"In the specially designed pavilion, the total area of one thousand square meters of creation come to life of Van Gogh - more than three thousand huge successive images and beautiful music will carry the viewer through the fascinating career of the artist" - say the organizers of the project. The concept of the exhibition is that Van Gogh creations projected on screens located on the walls, pillars, floor , and thus come to life before our eyes.


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