Round the World Hitchhiking Race to Kick off in St Petersburg
Monday, 18 July 2011 16:36

St Petersburg hitchhikers\' race

The first qualifying round of the round-the-world race, in which each member country must by itself determine the strongest national team, will start on August 7. Both professional hitchhikers and beginners can take part in the race.

In the second qualifying round, the difficulty level will increase - all teams will compete on a joint track. Only the top 10 crews will make it to the finals - they will take off in August 2012 around the world. The route of the final race will pass through the territory of Russia, China, Canada, USA, Central America, North Africa and Europe.

Although the round-the-world race is an international project, it is considered a Russian project. That is why the race committee decided to place a hard-to-reach control point at the top of Honduras, so popular in Russian folklore. However, the winning team, which gets to the endpoint first, will receive no prize. This is so because, "it is not very correct to tempt someone to break the rules because of material gain. Moreover, the race is itself a great opportunity to see the whole world", - said Alexei Vorov, president of St Petersburg Hitchhiking League and director of the round-the-world race Project.

Organizers have unsuccessfully tried to launch the round-the-world race project few years ago. They are hoping everything will go well this time around.


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