First GraFFFest Art Forum in St. Petersburg
Monday, 15 August 2011 16:01


St. Petersburg is for the first time hosting an international art forum “Petersburg graffiti-2011. GraFFFest”. The art forum is mainly devoted to the synthesis of graffiti and other forms of modern street and digital art such as animation, film, photography and digital art. The chief guest of the festival will be Evan Roth, founder of Graffiti Research Lab.

Participants to the event are graffiti, street art, video art and animation artists from all over the world.

On August 15-18, Center of Culture “Krasnoe Znamya” located at 53 Pionerskaya street will present a street art program, providing a 120-meter fence for painting!!! The topic of the graffiti is “New World Painting”. 14 artists will represent their ideal perception of the world order. This will be the biggest example of public art in St. Petersburg. A master class and lecture by Evan Roth will be held in the same Krasnoe Znamya but at 24 Raznochinnaya street.

Street Art Jam event will be held on the night of 19 to 20 August at the Palace Bridge (from the side of the Hermitage Museum). This event is a performance of mixed technology built at the intersection of media and graffiti. The climax of graFFFest will be a show of animated films in the style of graffiti and street art, and graffiti video on the wing of the raised Palace Bridge. The theme of all contest entries this year is “how art can transform the modern urban environment”. The wing of raised Palace Bridge (from the side of the Hermitage Museum) will serve as screen for graffiti animations. The art forum will also feature a genre videograffiti that is new for Russia, when images are projected on the walls of houses, without spoiling their facades.

A concert by hip-hop stars in support of the Russian street-art'a will be part of Street Art Jam. Viewers will see performances by Rapublic, Cberio, KREC, T9, Iva Nova.

Entrance to all venues is free!!!


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