Sunday, 08 January 2012 23:32


The so-called real-life superhero movement has reached St-Petersburg.

This movement, which has become quite popular throughout the world, seems now to have reached the city of St-Petersburg! Introducing its citizens to Chelovek-Petersburg (The St-Petersburg-man). Real life superheroes disguise themselves from the public eye by wearing masks and custom-made outfits (some of them have bullet-proof vests), and do their best to perform community services.

Some of them even fight crime putting, themselves and people around them at great risk. In general, those that perform good deeds or services while leaving the real police work to the proper authorities are looked on as simply a concerned citizen going above and beyond his or her duty as a citizen. While some superheroes prefer a grander approach and attempt to stop criminals, this is not looked upon kindly by most law enforcement agencies or officials, and some can even be charged if they put themselves or other citizens into situations deemed too dangerous.

The St-Petersburg-man is not dealing with crime directly but he is still taking active role in the st-petersburg society by setting an example of being a good and responsible citizen. Helping old people across the road or giving lessons to those who throw their cigarette butts on the street are just some of the instances out of all the good things he does to make St-Petersburg a better and cleaner place.


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