Chinese New Year in St-Petersburg 2012
Thursday, 19 January 2012 19:22

Chinese New Year

Do you wish to celebrate the Chinese New Year with us? If so, we warmly welcome you to join our little flashmob January 22 at 3 pm near Gostiny Dvor. We will dress up in bright clothes and together will walk along Nevsky forming a dragon tail out of the colored blankets that we'll be taking with us out onto the streets.

Chinese New Year, also called "Lunar New Year", is considered the most important of the traditional Chinese holidays . According to some legends, the mythical beast named Nian, would come to villagers to eat the crops they gathered during the year. But it can be stopped and scared away by showing it something that’s red in color.

Chinese New Year 2012 Chinese New Year Chinese New Year Chinese New Year

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