International Women’s Day
Wednesday, 07 March 2012 08:00

Women's Day

March 8th will mark INTERNATIONAL WOMEN'S DAY in Russia and around the world. The focus of the celebration around the world varies in different regions. The primary aspect of Women’s Day is to express appreciation and love towards women. Men and boys usually buy flowers, candy, and stuffed animals for those they love or friends. It is generally a day of the celebration and appreciation of women in every man’s life. 

The origin of International Women’s Day started in 1911 in several Central European countries. The idea of International Women’s Day from the beginning was to have a day to acknowledge women in everyday life, along to raise awareness of the political and social blockades women faced in everyday life and society in that time.

Russia first observed International Women’s Day in 1913, and Lenin made it an official holiday. Then in 1965, the Soviet Union declared that International Women’s Day would be a non working day to honor the achievements of Soviet women. International Women’s Day really took off in the communistic and socialistic countries of the world, as a way to honor the hard work and sacrifices by women to help the motherland. 

Later on, almost the entire world has acknowledged International Women’s Day as a holiday. The holiday is just in showing appreciation and gratitude to all the women who influence and benefit the lives of men, family, and society as a whole. We cannot live without women, and for all the great women out in the world, have an amazing Women’s Day!

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