Photo Drying Event | April 7th, 2012
Tuesday, 03 April 2012 11:42

Photo Drying Event

On April 7th, in the courtyard of club “Fish Fabrique Nouvelle”, will be the first photo drying event of the season, a free exhibition project for the exchange of photographs. Dry is an urban action that was invented in St. Petersburg. The project was successfully carried out three times in St. Petersburg and some other cities.

How does this work?

People put photos on the clothesline just as you would when you hang clothing out, hence why we use the term "photo drying" event! Apart from just putting your photos on the clothesline, one can take anyone else’s photo that one likes and sign the back with his/her name and contact info if one likes the photo. 

The acceptable range of sizes for photos can be from 10x15 cm to 1x1 meters. But the preferable size is 30x40 cm. If you have any further questions, the phone number for this event is 244-05-46. 

Admission is free!

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