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Thursday, 16 August 2012 20:59

Race on hands

On August 19th in St. Petersburg, the annual sports event called “Race on your hands” will be held at Malaya Konyushennaya street in city center. This fun event will be open to all people who are willing to try it out. Competitions will be held in two categories: racing and standing for the longest on your hands. The winner in each category will receive a super prize, second and third place participants also will not leave without winning something!

Registering for the race will be on the day of the race itself. This event started in 2010 in which there were a total of five people. By 2011, the number of runners has increased ten times, making the total to 50. The organizers of this event now believe that the number will increase into the 100’s in 2012, along with many curious spectators. 

Time: 11:30

Location: Malaya Konyushennaya Street 

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