Papa Roach Concert in St-Petersburg 2012
Wednesday, 03 October 2012 08:41

Papa Roach in St-Petersburg 2012

On November 22nd 2012, Papa Roach will be performing at the sport complex “Yubileyny.” The iconic band from California will put on a great show in the northern capital. Papa Roach is one of the brightest contemporary rock bands and is similar to Korn, Limp Bizkit, and Slipknot. Their album “Infest” became triple platinum and literally blew away music scene. Subsequent records only reinforce success, winning the gold, then platinum awards. During his career, Papa Roach has sold more than 18 million CDs!

The newest album from Papa Roach “The Connection” is to be released on October 2nd, and it is surely to not disappoint! Papa Roach will be playing all the previous hits and new tracks from their newest city. The group is not only known for their albums, but also for the amazing atmosphere during their concerts, in which, make people shake the room as the music is being blared from the speakers. 

"I'm off the hook at shows,"says front-man Coby Dick. "I've done stupid things where our lawyer was going, 'You can't be doing that!' but I've also hugged a million kids. How Nirvana was when they came out - that new edge of giving kids a release for their emotions - that's how I hope people connect with Papa Roach's music. I want to cause every emotion in people. I want them to fight, to f***; I want to bring out their violence, their sadness, their happiness." If you plan to go to the concert or have already been to a Papa Roach concert, then you are one of the lucky people in the world that have experienced a truly amazing show!

Address: Dobrolyubov prospekt, 18. Sport Complex Yubileyny (Проспект Добролюбова, 18)

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