Donut Delivery
Tuesday, 19 February 2013 09:05

Donut Delivery

Now in St. Petersburg, you can get your own donut delivery! A candy store called, "Glaze" (Глазурь), is a fresh donut company making delicious American donuts of many different varieties. So, for example, a donut without filling, but with frosting will cost 70 rubles. A donut with apple and cinnamon, berries or bananas inside, will cost 80 rubles. And a donut with cheesecake or cream sauce with a mint glaze will cost 90 rubles.

Large orders of donuts (40-60) will be delivered by a delivery guy. Whereas single donut orders or orders of 1-2 boxes can be taken away from the candy shop 'ForeVersweet' or "Tea Funny Bubble Tea" at "Лиговъ". You can also find the donuts at "Any Pasta" restaurants or "Wings Drinks" on Sennaya Ploshad.

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