Exhibit of luxury and vintage cars
Monday, 15 April 2013 19:33

Vintage Cars

From May 1st until May 5th, there will be an awesome exhibit of luxury and vintage cars near the Peter and Paul Fortress. Rare cars from all around Russia and the world will be on display, with such rare cars as a 100-year-old Studebaker SD from 1913 and a Delaunay Belleville car, which was a favorite of Tsar Nicholas II.

Also one of the rarest of cars in the world will be on display. A BMW motorcycle that was the second to come off the assembly line in the history of BMW. The first motorcycle is long lost and the BMW museum only has the third one ever made. 

Two cars that were stolen in the past but recently found will be returning to the auto show. A BMW 321 30-xx and a Ford A 1928 will be on display.

Vintage Cars   Vintage Cars

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