Legendary Ship Sedov to be back in St Petersburg
Thursday, 18 July 2013 17:52

Ship Sedov

The world's largest sailing ship "Sedov" will arrive in St. Petersburg

Barque Sedov is returning from his first voyage around the world. The largest of the surviving sailing ships of our time will arrive in St. Petersburg on the embankment of Lieutenant Schmidt.

"Probably not the man whose heart begins to beat faster at the sight of a the beautiful sailing ship" Sedov ", had his story begin when the ship was on the site of the Murmansk State Technical University. The length of the ship is 117.5 meters long and 14.6 meters high and will train future generations of captains, navigators, mechanics and radio operators. Around the world in 14 months, they have overcome 44 thousand nautical miles and the crew and cadets visited 33 ports in Europe, Asia, Africa and America. During this time, there was a lot of sailing practice and were 330 cadets and students of the educational institution “Rosrybolovstva” in which apprentices and cadets came from patriotic clubs of maritime orientation.

"During the more than 90-year history of the legendary ship, it was his first trip around the world. People will be delighted and proud that the" Sedov "will complete its way into St. Petersburg. The arrival sailing ship in St. Petersburg is a significant event for the residents of the cultural capital, and especially important for the young St. Petersburg residents, who chose a specialty marine career of his or her life - says the chairman of the Committee on Youth Policy and Cooperation with NGOs Alexander Parkhomenko.

When: July 20, admission is free!

10.00-grand welcome

14.00-open ladder

Where: Leytenanta Schmidt Emb (opposite the 15th line on Vaslieostrovskaya)

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