Museum of the Rebellious Machines
Thursday, 21 November 2013 11:04

Museum of the Rebellious Machines

In St. Petersburg will open the "Museum of the Rebellious Machines"

In February 2014 another unusual museum in the northern capital will open called "Museum of Rebellious Machines" (Russian: "Музей Восстания Машин"), where a huge site will house the grandiose statues of various robots, famous architectural sites, Transformers, Predator and other heroes of the famous films made from the remains of auto spare parts, as well as sculptures and paintings in the style of steampunk and cyber.

The founders of the museum in the past engaged in auto tuning, but after a while came to the conclusion that they were bored and decided to move on. They had seen an unusual style of modern art called "Recycle Art" which is a distinctive feature of which is the conversion of waste into objects of art. Masters began trying to create unpretentious figures from the remnants of auto spare parts, and so they decided to open a museum. 

The museum has not opened yet, but the collection keeps growing and growing everyday. To date, the exposition has about 250 models of robots and characters from popular movies made from auto parts. It is worth noting that the heights of the models range from 2 to 5 meters. Some of the figures will be able to speak and some will be displayed in the necessary environment that corresponds to the film they belong to. Also, one of the more interesting exhibits will be a huge copy of the horses of Anichkovgo Bridge, made from spare auto parts.

There will also be a separate room in the museum displaying several works from artists all around Russia that were made in the genres of steampunk, diesel punk and cyberpunk. 

Address: Lomonosov street, 5.

Museum of the Rebellious Machines Museum of the Rebellious Machines Museum of the Rebellious Machines Museum of the Rebellious Machines


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