First capsule hotel to open in St. Petersburg in 2014
Saturday, 07 December 2013 11:56


First capsule hotel (Sleepboxes) will open in St. Petersburg

St. Petersburg will open the first capsule hotel (Sleepboxes) in spring of 2014, which will make traveling a lot easier for those who wish to take a rest in St. Petersburg. The rooms will be like a room on a ship and a hotel/hostel together, and will be appearing on Griboyedov, 19. From the window of some capsules will be visible the Savior on Spilled Blood Church.

These types of hotels are already popular in such places as Moscow and Tokyo.

Svetlana Agia from St. Petersburg designed interiors, and the size of the sleeping compartments, which are made from wood and metal, are from 2 to 3 and meters. For 1200 rubles per night, the lodger also can take advantage of Wi-Fi and breakfast. According to the manager of Simple Hostel, Alina Krat, the hotel had an investment of 12 million rubles.

First capsule in Russia appeared in Sheremetyevo Airport. In one of them, according to some, lived Edward Snowden, while he was in the transit area of the airport.

Sleepbox Sleepbox Sleepbox

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