Records of St. Petersburg
Sunday, 05 October 2014 19:05

Facts you should know: Records of St. Petersburg

Facts you should know: Records of St. Petersburg

Here we will inform you about the most important records of St. Petersburg, from the widest bridge to the narrowest street, from the highest building to the deepest metro station, as St. Petersburg is a very interesting city.

Record #1: The largest square

Moscow Square occupies 13 hectares in the south of the city. It is even larger than Palace Square. Such gigantic proportions are related to the fact that in the 1930s Moscow square was intended to be made the administrative center of Leningrad (away from the Finnish border, held just North of Sestroretsk). They even managed to build the famous House of Soviets. But then came the war with the Finns, the border was moved far to the North, and the House of Soviets is now occupied by various commercial organizations.

Record #2: The longest prospekt

Prospekt Obukhovskoy Oborony crosses the city to the South of Nevsky Prospect. Its length is 11 kilometers, slightly longer than the famous Moscovsky prospekt which is 10 kilometers long.

Record #3: The shortest lane (pereulok)

You probably don't even notice, it is not attributed to a single building. Peskovsky (named after the location close to the lane) connects the area of Ploshad Vosstaniya and the 1st Sovetskaya Street. Its length is only 30 meters long. The only buildings on Peskovsky lane are stalls (Russian: Lar'ki -plural, laryok - singular) for selling goods.

Record #4: The narrowest street

The width of Repin Street is just 5 meters. At one time it was Sandy lane or Pesochny pereulok, and was built by Menshikov (breaking, thus, the symmetry of the Peter lines on Vasilievsky island).

It passes from the Rumyantsev garden and the Academy of fine arts (actually, so the street is named after Repin because he studied there) to Sredny prospekt. If you did not look, Repin Street resembles a small cobbled street in old European cities.

Record #5: The tallest building

No, not Peter and Paul Fortress anymore. It used to be so but until 2013 when this record was surpassed by the new complex called Leader Tower, located on Ploshad Constitutsii. 42 floors of glass, steel and concrete has become the new high-rise building that dominated the south of the city.

In a few years, this building may also lose its record, if "Lakhta center" will finally be built.

Record #6: The Longest Bridge

No, not the Alexander Nevsky Bridge, that bridge is the first among drawbridges. But the longest bridge of all is the Grand Obukhov (also called Vantovy), built from 2004 - 2007. This bridge can be found in the southern part of St. Petersburg at the far end of the city. 

Record #7: The widest bridge 

The widest bridge in Saint Petersburg is the Blue Bridge. This bridge is "invisible": because the bridge looks more like a square than a bridge. Its width is 97 meters. But it wasn't so wide from the very beginning. When the Mariinsky Palace was built for the daughter of Nicholas the First, the bridge was extensively widened, thus becoming the widest bridge in St. Petersburg. 

Record #8: The deepest subway (metro) station 

Metro station "Admiraltieskaya", is the deepest metro station in St. Petersburg. Admiraltieskaya is located at a depth of 86 meters. It is deeper than "Park Pobedy" station, but it is not as deep as "Arsenalnaya" in Kiev, which holds the world record. Admiraltieskaya is just a few meters shorter.


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