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Its tasty, its fast, its amazing, it’s SHAVERMA! Also known around the world as SHAWARMA and Gyro, Shaverma is originally from the Middle East, though it has spread around the whole world over its history. In Russia and especially St. Petersburg, it is called Shaverma or Shaurma in Moscow. It is a personal favorite of mine, and I recommend everyone to try it when in St. Petersburg or anywhere in the world. 

Typically in St. Petersburg, Shaverma is a quick meal that usually consists of a type of meat, (usually lamb, goat, chicken, or beef) are the main meats used. The other ingredients consist of tomato, cucumbers, onion, and a tasty white sauce usually made from kefir and mayonnaise. One can get a shaverma in a few different ways, wrapped with pita bread, lavash bread, or on a plate with a sort of make it yourself approach. In all these variations, one can experience the great taste of shaverma.

Shaurma/Shaverma/Shawarma The meat is stacked together and spun around on a stick, which is heated by a large, tall oven. The smell of the meat makes the craving for it more tempting. Two large knives are used to shave the meat off the stick, and then the meat is put on the bread. After this, the tomatoes, onion, and cucumbers are added. Then comes the great sauce. The shaverma is then wrapped up and placed on a small hot plate or oven to be heated up again. After this, one is ready for a nice, small meal. There are many variations around the world. From Saudi Arabia to Canada, shaverma can be found as a tasty snack, which is nutritious and filling. 

Shaurma/Shaverma/Shawarma Immigrants introduced Shaverma to western countries from the Middle East. In every country, one can find a small difference in their shaverma as opposed to different countries around the world. Different ingredients or preparation of the shaverma is common and differs. The best shaverma from my own experience can be found from the chefs of Middle Eastern origin in Russia or Turkey. Sometimes, carrots or cabbage are added, and in some countries, shaverma can be found on the streets by vendors late at night after one goes to the club and wants to eat, it’s a convenient way to eat. Wherever one goes, one can see shaverma popular in certain areas of a city. Give it a try! You will not regret it. 

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