Five Unusual Underground Places in St. Petersburg
Saturday, 22 September 2012 13:09

Five underground places in St-Petersburg

Here is a list of five great places that are underground in St. Petersburg. These places always promise a great atmosphere and give you the feeling that you are really under the city. 

Museum Club “Kotelnaya Kamchatka”

The museum of Victor Tsoy is a former boiler house that Victory Tsoy used to work at himself. The place is now a museum that has been kept the same, as it was when Tsoy himself worked there. Under the glass on the wall hangs a twelve-string guitar that he once played. The place gives you the feeling Tsoy still lives on and the museum also features a dilapidated old green sofa that has seen a lot of booze, love, and friendly gatherings. Above the sofa hangs an old photo with Tsoy and friends.

Address: Blokhina st. 15 (ул. Блохина, 15)

Камчатка Victor Tsoy Museum Камчатка Victor Tsoy Museum Камчатка Victor Tsoy Museum Камчатка Victor Tsoy Museum

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Café PirO.G.I. (ПирО.Г.И.)

This café consists of two small rooms with low vaulted ceilings and one of these rooms is reserved for non-smokers until 18:00. The café was created as an institution for the creative youth of 25 and older. The average bill at this café is about 500 rubles. The menu in this café can be found in quite interesting positions and leaves you to solve the problem of where it is located at. The interior can be described as home-style. You can order a business lunch for 135 rubles and 175 rubles. Breakfast runs around 99 rubles and 139 rubles. Guests can use free Wi-Fi and play board games at any time, day or night. 

Address: Nab. Fontanka, 40. (Набережная реки Фонтанки, 40)

ПирО.Г.И. ПирО.Г.И. ПирО.Г.И. ПирО.Г.И.

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ESG-21 (ГЭЗ-21)

The gallery of experimental sound 21 has been open to the public for about 10 years already. This is a multidisciplinary project that is mainly music oriented. It can be called the most famous Techno-Art-Center in St. Petersburg. The atmosphere is great and everyone is always welcome. Creative, informal, individual and sociable are the key ideas of ГЭЗ-21. 

Address: Ligovsky Prospect, 53. (Лиговский проспект, 53)

ESG-21 ESG-21 ESG-21 ESG-21

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Pyshechnaya at DLT (Пышечная у ДЛТ)

Pyshechnaya at DLT is located on Bolshaya Konyushennaya 25, located on the same site since the 1960’s. This is certainly a "place of worship" for visitors from other cities, countries, and locals who come to St. Petersburg to enjoy a place that still survives from the Soviet era. Equipment to cook dumplings and muffins remain still from the 1960’s and the recipes remain the same. Also, you can enjoy great Soviet donuts with family and friends, just like the people did behind the Iron Curtain. 

Address: Bolshaya Konyushennaya, 25. (Большая Конюшенная, 25)

Пышечная у ДЛТ Пышечная у ДЛТ Пышечная у ДЛТ Пышечная у ДЛТ

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Art Café "Brodyachaya Sobaka" (Бродячая Собака - translated as “Stray Dog”)

Stray Dog Café is a cozy art-basement in the city center where two rooms house an art gallery, a café, and a restaurant. Poetry readings, various musical and dramatic performances, and museum exhibits, highlight this great café! This is a place of monumental culture of the Silver Age.

Address: Italianskaya Street, 4 (ул. Итальянская, 4)

Art cafe \ Art cafe \ Art cafe \ Art cafe \

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