Cheap Sushi Delivery in Saint-Petersburg
Wednesday, 10 April 2013 19:39

Sushi mag | Sushi Magia

Hello everyone! A small, but very useful tip for all lovers of sushi in St. Petersburg! In the sushi shop called "Sushi Mag", you can purchase a set of 30 rolls for only 299 rubles. To find these sushi shops is quite easy. There are currently 19 shops in Saint-Petersburg and we will shortly list their locations.

The most important thing is not to get sidetracked by other larger but more expensive sets while looking at the menu. :) The set is called "Sushi Magia". It has 30 rolls and costs only 299 rubles. The set consists of the following: (rolls "Philadelphia", rolls "California with sesame seeds", rolls "Salmon with cream sauce", and rolls with cucumber and sesame)

The order usually takes around 15-20 minutes to be completed.

If you do not wish to wait this time, you can go to the shop and make the order, leave and then come back in about 20 minutes. Or you can order sushi online at www.mag-sushi.ru/category/4/ (simply copy and paste this link into your browser's search bar) and pay for a delivery. If the order for the delivery is more than 500 rubles – the delivery will be free! If the order is less than 500 rubles, the delivery costs 100 rubles. 

Hours: 10:00 to 23:00

DISCLAIMER: we are not in cooperation with this sushi shop, we just want to tell you about one of their sets, which in our opinion, combines an excellent quality-price ratio. Not a lot of people who come to St. Petersburg know about this great deal!

When out in the street, look for this logo:



  • ул. Ярослава Гашека, д. 4 (Metro Kupchino)
  • ул. Белы Куна, д. 8 (Metro Mezhdunarodnaya)
  • Гражданский проспект, д. 76 (Metro Akademicheskaya)
  • Ланское шоссе, д. 3 (Metro Chernaya Rechka) - There is no delivery
  • ул. Пулковская, д. 19 (Metro Zvezdnaya)
  • ул. Солдата Корзуна, д. 34 (Metro Prospekt Veteranov)
  • ул. Ильюшина, д. 1 (Metro Komendantsky prospekt)
  • ул. Чернова, д. 7 (Metro Proletarskaya)
  • Проспект Художников, д. 30 (Prospekt Prosvesheniya)
  • Светлановский проспект, д. 79 (Metro Akademicheskaya) - There is no delivery
  • ул. Варшавская, д. 25 кор. 1 (Metro Park Pobedy)
  • ул. Дыбенко, д. 27,к.1 (Metro Dybenko)
  • пр. Испытателей, д. 6 к.1 (Metro Pionerskaya)
  • пр. Луначарского, д. 64 (Metro Ozerki)
  • ул. Пограничника Гарькавого, д. 27 (Metro Prospekt Veteranov)
  • ул. Учительская, д. 9 (Metro Grazhdansky prospekt)
  • ул. Лени Голикова, д. 53 (Metro Prospekt Veteranov)
  • ул. Наличная, д. 49 (Metro Primorskaya)
  • Коломяжский пр., д.26 (Metro Pionerskaya)

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