Top 5 Beach Party Spots
Monday, 08 July 2013 18:57

Top 5 Beach Party Spots

Great music, bright people, and fresh air. This is summer and we have the top 5 places to go to experience the closest thing to a beach party in St. Petersburg. Here they are and go enjoy them!

Top 5 Beach Party Spots 1. Summer mansion «Gatsby»

Every Friday and Saturday, come to the mansion of the mysterious Mr. Gatsby. This place is hardly a party, it’s a treat for everyone. The mansion has a layered structure, sundeck, and an atmosphere that comes from the soul. The abundance of cocktails will delight even the most demanding guests. There is also a great menu, so you can come to the party hungry and enjoy a great meal. The doors of the Gatsby mansion open at midnight, and the fun continues until the morning.

Address: Petrovskaya Kosa, 9.


Top 5 Beach Party Spots 2. Club "Air"

Club Air is a full-featured open-air restaurant during the day, but at night, this place becomes the center of club culture in St. Petersburg. The DJs and musicians here are simply awesome.

Address: Yuzhnaya Doroga, 6, bld 1


Top 5 Beach Party Spots 3. Independent music in "ZontyBar" (ЗонтыBar)

This place is located on the Finnish bay, but it’s the place to go to get away from the city and enjoy an amazing night! Come out and experience the sunset, great atmosphere, fresh air, and the beach, all while listening to the hottest music in the world. It is also perfect for those who want to have a good time on the Gulf of Finland in the company of friends and great music.

Address: ZontyBar, beach "Dyuni"


Top 5 Beach Party Spots 4. VIVA ITALIA parties in «Vosaduli»

Vosaduli is primarily a restaurant with a summer kitchen and a rich choice of dishes. The restaurant has collected the best traditions of the resort life. This place has an immaculate interior, lounge atmosphere, relaxing music and magnificent views of the coast. On weekends the restaurant fundamentally changes the format and converts to a club with trendy DJs and concerts of famous musical artists.

Address: Yuzhnaya Doroga, 4. 


Top 5 Beach Party Spots 5. «XXXX» on Krestovskiy

This legendary bar is located on the coast. Visitors come to enjoy the fresh air, unforgettable atmosphere and friendly staff. Throughout the summer, here are some of the most high-profile and lively parties with dancing till you drop. Great sound, beautiful people, nature - all of this will make the night truly magical. During the day, the bar is not crowded, visitors come to sunbathe or dine in a pleasant environment.

Address: Yuzhnaya Doroga, 6

In some of these clubs very strict dress code may be applied. 

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