41% Fireworks Discount | May 27, 2012 | City Day of St. Petersburg
Monday, 14 May 2012 19:26

City Day in St-Petersburg

Before you read the text below, we would like to inform you that the city officials have changed the program of the City Day in St-Petersburg and now the fireworks will take place on May 26th and not on May 27th. We expect everyone with the ticket to come to Moyka Emb 3 at 10 pm!!! THANKS!

Come and celebrate City Day of St-Petersburg on a boat! The celebration of the founding of St. Petersburg is a great time to have fun with friends, enjoy several festivities around the city, and see a great fireworks display on a boat! With our deal, the boat trip will cost 41% off the original price! Spend this great holiday correctly, so that you will never forget the great experience of City Day in St. Petersburg! Our excellent deal on the boat is great for the family, a romantic evening, and a great time for a large company of your friends. Treat yourself to an amazing evening; celebrate the birthday of St. Petersburg the way it should be celebrated. Forget about all your problems for a day and see a truly amazing spectacle.

The deal is like this: through our website, you can enjoy at 41% discount on boat tickets for the fireworks display. For one ticket, you pay 600 rubles instead of 800 rubles, and for two tickets, you pay 950 rubles instead of 1600 rubles. The entrance ticket allows you to ride along the rivers and canals for an hour and a half, including a great view of the fireworks. The venue for the fireworks is on the beautiful Neva River, surrounded by the amazing sights of downtown St. Petersburg.

  • 1600 RUB - 41% = 950 RUB
  • 800 RUB - 25% = 600 RUB

The boat departs from a pier at Nab. Moika 3 at 21:40. You can book your tickets from now until May 22. The number of tickets is limited. Don’t miss the great opportunity to partake in a great celebration!

"How can I pay for tickets?"

Just tell us the most convenient time and metro station for which you would like tickets, and our staff will have these tickets ready for you, so that you do not need to go through the hassle! Another service of St-Petersburg Guide!

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